Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Here it is another day my life is moving along. It is a gift to be sober and present for the life..
I am giving it my best-- best that I can muster and for this I am grateful.
One day at a time.
Learning to give a voice to myself even when it is difficult. Don't want to regret not speaking up in some situations. In the past I did not have skill in my speech it took a fight or self destruction to bring attention to a situation.
I was not worthy is how I treated myself, it doesn't matter what I feel...
These are the lessons growing up in an alcoholic home, there was always some problem looming in the corner. Taking this storyline into adult life was a thorny path.
Just for today I can be present and also turn it over to HP
HP has a plan
I am willing to show up

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Syd said...

Not feeling worthy is something I am familiar with. But like you write, I can show up for myself. I am glad to be present in my life now and living it for myself, not another person.