Saturday, April 20, 2013

God Box

Grateful for my life. Feeling unsettled the past couple days. Things I have said that were not kind have started to circle over and over in my thoughts.
Letting go and turning it over into the God Box

Maybe it’s about turning one’s attention from what’s holding us enthralled. Maybe it gives us a little room and a sense of fresh air, and with that comes some kind of healing breath. Maybe it gets us to stop looking in the one direction where we think the mountain is going to rise up before us, and so instead, with our minds free to wander and bob, we notice pathways and even airy glades we hadn’t see before. I do not have any idea how it works…Anne Lemott

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Relaxing tonight reading a few  recovery blogs. I feel grateful that for me recovery is interesting and a way of life that has given me enormous gifts. Today was beautiful sunny and warm. I took a walk along the ocean feeling so lucky to live so close to the water.
Had some set backs yesterday with an anxiety attack on the way to a meeting. It caused my vision to be affected so onward to home I drove. When these attacks happen it is as if surrender is the only option and it is the only choice.
1. turning it over to HP and also doing footwork.

My birthday is coming up next week.
Planning on some yoga for myself, nice dinners, and  meetings.
This sounds like a wonderful time.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Full days

My days have been full, serenity has entered my life again after working the program.
It's not that I have a super happy Doris Day kind of life it has to do with my tools. Just for today
I am able to let serenity enter and stay for a while.
My nephew has been staying with us for a month. He is helping Y at his job and in return we pay him
with letting him stay rent free. Seeing him become an adult has lifted my spirits.
Watching my own life unfold as I age is challenging. I keep thinking about botox injections with fillers.
This is life no stopping it the days have built upon one another.
My HP is guiding me I can let go and trust that all will work out as it is supposed to.
Y has been loving toward me lately, I have to say not depending on his good moods to keep me happy is freeing me.