Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The search for self

The morning is cool and grey starting to feel like fall. Waking up used to be
filled with self hatred and now my life has shifted I see the day with more kindness toward myself.
Mondays meeting was inspiring filled shares of honesty which touches and inspires me.
This is what works for me about the program the search for self using the program as a guide.
Going into myself without a guide would be very dangerous. I have generations behind me
of alcoholics and alanonics to prop up the alcoholics. Forgiving myself is the first key and reaching out to others who are still suffering...Giving it away to keep it.
Getting a sponsor who is there for me and offers me guidance without it being advice....
Working the steps so I dont get stuck in the problem. I can focus on what is not working in my life instead of what is working.

Well today is a day that I get to show up for myself with this life and I can start over at anytime when things arent working.....
I like the idea as life being a work of art.

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