Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday time

Sunny clear crisp morning the Holiday days are here almost. I can feel a little twinge of the loneliness creeping up on me, concentrating on the friends who have left me out of their plans. It is growing up in an alcoholic home the feelings I cant invite anyone over you never know what will happen, plans are broken, your needs are not valid...the family must survive. But despite this today I have a choice in how to deal with it all including the old recordings that run in my head. My choice is to focus on my spiritual side to remember the program is always there for me nurturing me and others. No matter what happens there will be a meeting tonight and tomorrow somewhere near me. I believe this community has kept me going in life more than anything. Then I reach out to others and share my experience strength and hope.

No longer is there a sense of hopelessness no longer must I depend upon my own unsteady will power....

Going back to the steps one two and three..from Alateen.

Some of my anticipated concerns regarding family drinking did occur; however, I observed that my reactions have changed. I repeated the first three Steps to myself often, recognizing that I am powerless over the choices family members make. The old anxiety is the “unmanageable” part of my life. Moving on to Step Two, I turned my life over to my Higher Power and asked Him to restore me to sanity. Recalling the first three Steps gave me a sense of peace and comfort. In addition, I did attend a meeting, which was like food for my soul.


khaled elgamal said...
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Syd said...

I too sometimes feel the loneliness creeping in during the holidays. But I am accepting this year that my wife and I are orphans and don't have family. We are inviting over for Christmas dinner a family of a fellow I sponsor. We are starting new traditions because the old ones have changed.