Sunday, July 20, 2014

As far as I can tell

I live near the ruins of an old military base from WW II.
It slowly is dissolving back into the earth, in my lifetime I am sure
it will still be standing but less so. Kids skate,  rolling on the edge. Some 
days I can walk there and notice the beauty of decay. Life is in constant motion.
My program has also moved slowly. I like to imagine life is shifting back into the authentic self that is
waiting for me already there, Buddha nature. 
One step at a time-- HP is there waiting to hold me when I can turn it over.
Times are good right now.

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Syd said...

That old base sounds like a fantastic place to visit and take photos. And you are so right about life being in constant motion--somedays more than others. Today it is swirling on while I feel tired as if I am standing still.